MMK 2018

Building engaged and excited customers through marketing that matters.

Thank you for attending the MMK 2018!

Ein super Plattform, welche die Digitale Welt wieder etwas greifbarer gemacht hat, das “Software is eating the world” immer wichtiger wird, dürfte nach diesem Kongress wirklich JEDER verstanden haben.

Tolles Portfolio an Vorträgen, interessantes Publikum, viele Netzwerkmöglichkeiten und das alles nicht in der gewohnt verstaubten Aufbereitung, sondern modern, innovativ und unaufgeregt.

Es war eine intensive Veranstaltung mit viel Input, die mich absolut begeistert hat. Die Inhalte werde ich in den nächsten Wochen “verdauen” und dann mit Sicherheit gut in meinen Berufsalltag und die Marketingstrategie des Unternehmens einfließen lassen.

Gute und aktuelle Themen. Tolle Umsetzung. Angenehme Atmosphäre. Anders, als vergleichbare Veranstaltungen.

Creative, casual, innovative and extremely helpful, on our way to the digital age.

The MMK is a great way to exchange views on trends and challenges, to get inspiration and new ideas. The two days of the congress have enriched me a lot and broadened my horizons in many ways!

High quality, on the pulse of the time, inspiring, at the same time very relaxed!

About the Kongress

The customer comes first. We’ve all heard this. We all know this. But in an increasingly cluttered world saturated with videos, billboards, pop-ups and likes, it can be hard to cut through the noise.

The MMK launched in 2014 as the first marketing event in Germany focused on digital transformation and automation. From day one, we built an event aimed at a global perspective.

Today, the MMK takes this a step further, and becomes a marketing event for more than just Germany. We are excited to welcome speakers from 15 different countries, who will offer a diverse and fresh perspective on where marketing is headed. It has been a year of transformation across every sector, and it’s time we talk about that on a global scale. What does that mean? It means we heard you. This year, the MMK goes international, and will hold most of its sessions in English, with the exception of ‘PROVENANCE,’ our dedicated German-language track.

From startups and politics to galleries and nightclubs, Berlin has been transforming at an even faster rate than we have.

Which makes it the ideal location for this global conversation. We at the MMK plan to take full advantage of everything this vibrant city has to offer. From site visits of interesting coworking spaces to a design sprint hosted by some of Berlin’s disruptive startups, we will give you the opportunity to see just how far technology and innovation has taken this city.

But digitalisation is only as good its customer experience, so our program this year focuses heavily on our community and collaboration. Bringing together leading marketers and executives, join us for innovative talks, hands-on workshops and more as we help you build engaged and excited customers through marketing that matters.

Rise above the noise.










Neil Harbisson

Neil Harbisson

Artist and the First Human Cyborg
Cyborg Foundation
Maral Kalajian

Maral Kalajian

Chief Marketing Officer
Aja Monet

Aja Monet

Spoken Word Poet, Educator, Human Rights Activist, NAACP Image Award Nominee

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