Impact & Influence

Without innovation, there’s a standstill. It is especially important in the field of marketing to develop and market products and services that satisfy stakeholders by the best possible use of technological trends. The Marketing Intelligence & Innovation Awards honour the marketing campaign/project which used the tremendous innovative strength of digitalisation in the most efficient and bold way.

Marketing campaigns reach their target groups through a mix of diverse and compatible tools. Yet with the change of classic marketing, the opportunities to make achievements measurable and comprehensible develop. This category celebrates the digital marketing campaign (search engine marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, e-commerce marketing etc.) that contrasts the most from the average in its overall performance.

Marketing Intelligence means the optimisation of processes, data and structures – with vision and depth of focus at the same time. It needs precise skills and analysis of markets, clients and processes to implement a marketing strategy successfully. This category accepts projects, systems and tools which improve marketing in a wide spectrum and demonstrate clear achievements.

One of biggest challenges is the identification of the real impact of a marketing campaign. Measurability and efficiency (or rather efficiency enhancement) are decisive concepts. The best marketing campaigns follow a structured process, are easy to interpret and lead to greater efficiency. MIIA is looking for exactly that campaign!

Marketing is steadily gaining in importance. An interdisciplinary and cross-departmental approach is often desired. Regardless of the organisational structure of the company, it is essential to demonstrate expertise in all relevant marketing channels. The category “Marketing Team of the Year” can be a marketing agency or a specialised marketing department within a company.

Format & Experience

Events are no longer bound to a physical place by the restless technical revolution. MIIA distinguish the project, which has been embedded in the overall strategy and has been implemented in an innovative manner, whilst continuing to develop the conventional event concept for 4.0 spheres.

Mobile applications play an increasingly important role within the marketing mix. Every new smartphone generation opens up new potentials for customer engagement. Understanding the mobile marketing market is essential to successfully increase sales and gain reputation. In this category, the Marketing Intelligence & Innovation Awards honour the mobile application, which introduced their user to a “wow-effect”.

A website is today’s business card, showroom and often also a point of sale. The technical possibilities are still growing rapidly. The Marketing Intelligence & Innovation Award distinguish the website, which has brought these different angles together – whilst staying inspiring, innovative, content-rich and intuitive.

The user experience has to be calculated differently for each digital touchpoint – while always being focused on the target group and performance-strong. The Marketing Intelligence & Innovation Awards distinguish the software, the website or the mobile app, which combine high service orientation and communicative excellence and enable interested parties to have both emotionally appealing and professional experience.

Digitisation provides countless ways to produce spectacular new products, information and events. In the “Virtual Reality” category, innovative actions are honoured, which allow us to gain new perspectives of our reality.

eCommerce is booming and there is no end in sight: Every year, the sales generated via the internet continue to grow. For start-ups, as well as established organisations, the use of an online shop is an interesting opportunity. Hardly any market segment has such high growth rates. MIIA will honour the most innovative approach to eCommerce.

Content, make complex topics of the target group more accessible … and, and, and. Videos reach the desired target group easily and quickly – these are usually a self-running. In this category, the Marketing Intelligence & Innovation Award recognizes the marketing activity, which has effectively achieved its marketing goals through relevant videos and targeted use of these.

Interactive formats can provide information about products on a whole new scale – making its content emotionally and intensively appealing – making it an experience. This category honours the innovation that actively involves the user to increase brand awareness and achieve marketing goals.

Personalised formats place the consumer in the center. The mix of tailor-made interaction points guarantees the success of a customer-oriented marketing strategy. In this category, the approach that has been extremely successful in the market is honoured.

A well-kept and target group-relevant social media channel, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, is not only a good thing today – they are nowadays an integral necessity. Content must make use of dialog possibilities in order to be attractive to their target group.

Project & Strategy

Consumers want to actively participate in the marketed products and services. By using different methods, users can be easily integrated into a campaign. A strategic approach and a low entry threshold maximises the chances of a successful campaign.

Target-group-oriented campaigns are essential today – efficient viral campaigns are more than just successful coincidences. Through analytical considerations on the preferences and interaction behaviours of the target group, strategic planning, a campaign can become viral.

Influencers like celebrities, bloggers / vloggers, are known to the chosen target group. They reach them in an authentic way and can assure the overall success of the marketing campaign. The focus of the campaign must be on the influencer. MIIA honours the most innovative approach to Influencer Marketing.

Content is King – or is it Content Marketing is King? Nowadays, it is becoming more and more important to focus on target groups – with relevant content. In this category MIIA honours marketing campaigns, which positioned their brand ideally.

Sending a commercial email is easy. Sending a successful advertising mail is a bit more difficult. Like conventional advertising, electronic advertising mail quickly lands in the (digital) paper basket. Only those who write their e-mails at the right time with target group-focused content reaches their own goals.

The planned, diversified and coordinated use of marketing channels creates a more direct and often more resilient relationship with the respective interested party circle. You can also submit online-measures (search engine advertising, display marketing, social media marketing, online PR or email marketing) as well as offline measures (print advertisements, sponsoring, fairs & events etc.).

The sheer amount of demographic, geographical or behavioural data is growing continuously. This places new demands on the evaluation competence, as well as the responsibility of the companies in dealing with sensitive user data. An elaborate treatment of this data can increase quality standards and customer usage.

The image of the brand plays an important part to sales and revenue – and to remaining top-of-mind for the consumer. MIIA searches for organisations that have changed their image in a sustainable and successful manner and have anchored their values ​​and properties attributed to them in new conceptual brand environment.

Optimising the structure and wording of your own website is the basis of digital marketing. In this category, the campaign is distinguished, which has been able to achieve a competitive advantage through the use of intelligent and strategic SEM.